What I Learned About Germany

Things we learned about Germany:

Cows wear bells.

No radio/clocks in the hotel rooms.

Wi/fi not the best – slow and drops out, a lot.

English translations not always the best or grammatically correct.

Smoking is permitted nearly anywhere, all the time – outside, elevator, bathroom stalls, cafes  – except there’s no smoking allowed in the closets.

Deep fried everything.

Lots of spiral stairs.

Elevators are not always the biggest.

Space to park is an issue.

You pay BEFORE you exit a parking ramp.

Construction is everywhere, all the time.

Each city has its own crane.

Water with / without gas – be specific when ordering.

Hotels are without air conditioning.

Showers come in all shapes and sizes.

Bathtub walls are 2-1/2’ high and the base doesn’t have grippies.

Nobody seems to work in the afternoon.

Two o’clock to 3:00 in the afternoon is prime time to have an extravagant dessert.

Light switches are big square things on the wall – usually outside the bathroom.

Dogs are welcomed in hotels and stores.

Es ist Heiss (It is hot.)

Bikes rule – cyclists have their own lane.

Hotel room trash cans are dinky with stupid step lever mechanism to operate.

Raw meat is available for breakfast, with sliced cheese.

Fish is served complete with head and tail.

Hotel beds feature comforters/duvets – no sheets.  These are mostly down, as are the pillows.

A double room features double beds which are so close they are touching.

There are no screens in the windows which either open wide or from the top, then only  three inches.

There are no bugs.

Nobody sleeps in Berlin.

It stays light late and becomes light early.

You pay to use the toilette in public places.

Facial tissues are rough, like sandpapers

Public bathrooms feature stalls with floor to ceiling walls and doors without gaps.

The wait staff takes FOREVER to bring your bill and then hovers, waiting for you to pay it right then and there.