My sleep pattern has been off all week. My body can’t seem to get a handle on this weather. I think it’s going to be cold at night, so I bundle up. Then I sleep restlessly because I’m too hot. Thinking I finally got it right last night, I started off with fewer blankets. Sure enough, I conked out for most of the night. I say “most” because I woke up at like 4 or something. (I didn’t look at my clock because I knew it was close to my time to get up and I thought I could fool myself into believing that I still had half the night yet to sleep. Yeah, that didn’t work.) l never did get back to sleep and eventually, the alarm rang and then eventually I got up. I thought I was doing okay. Sure, my eyes felt a little puffy and I knew come afternoon/evening I’d really feel the effects of lack of sleep, but I was up and functioning. Well, sometimes we can function physically out of routine and pattern, not necessarily because we’re mentally awake. Such was my case this morning.

I had received new set of speakers for my computer and thought I’d finally get around to hooking them up. The first order of business was to see if there was an open outlet in which to plug it. Looking under my desk I saw that the closest outlet was already full – one for the monitor, the other for the computer. I pulled out a power strip from my crate of power supplies and, after figuring out which cord was for the monitor, shut it off and unplugged it. Once I had the power strip plugged in, I plugged in the monitor, checking to see which way to flip the switch on the strip to turn on the power. Next, I removed the audio extension cable that I had plugged in to the back of the tower. I had used it to plug in an earpiece – since I didn’t have a headset. Unwrapping the speakers from each other and laying out the cable, I placed them in position on opposite sides of my monitor and plugged in the audio cable to the input on the back of the tower. I then turned the speakers on and clicked on a link to a video that I knew had audio. Nothing.

I knew there were other inputs on the back of the tower, so I tried each one. Since the power cord for the tower was fairly short, I couldn’t tilt the tower back to take a closer inspection of the ports – thus, testing each one. And, as I did so, a visual prompt came up on the screen asking me what I was setting up – speakers, mic, etc. So, each time I changed it, I had to deal with the prompt too. With all of this setup and trying different things, I was stumped as to its failure to perform. While I know I’m not that much of a tech head, I have been known to figure out some things related to today’s technology – here and there, at least.

Finally, I had to admit defeat and went in search of one of our IT guys for help. I conceded that maybe it was due to the computer being a PC versus a Mac, which I’m more familiar with, that I was having issues. Tech help found, we returned to my room and I explained what I had tried and what about it wasn’t working. He took a look at the connections and within seconds spotted the problem, the speakers weren’t plugged in. Apparently, neither was my brain..