The Break

If you’ve been following along on my blog you’ll notice something about the entry dates – there’s a break.  What have I been doing this summer instead of blogging, you might wonder.  Well, for one, I’ve been transferring/transposing the journal entries from my trip to Germany into blog entries.  Those will show up eventually, after the transferring, editing and adding of photos.  It may seem like I “back dated” them, when in reality, I just took a while to get them posted.  My other project has been creating a book of our travel adventures for my dad.  He told me all he wanted for Father’s Day was some pictures of his childhood home.  I took it a few steps further and decided to create a BOOK crammed (artistically, of course) full of photos from the trip.  The book is unlike anything I’ve ever done before, more like a memory album versus a coffee table book, which I usually do.  Thus, there’s a learning curve involved with just how exactly to place these pictures on a page, how big to make them, how many is too many per page, what do you do about captions, how many different font styles to use in one publication, how far can I push the software that I use and if I have an idea that it can’t do, how do I go about doing it?  Phew!  And you wonder why there’s been a nearly two month gap in my blog entries.  Did I mention between my sister and I we took over 4,000 photographs all of which had to be looked at, edited and then personally selected for the book?  (Of which I “narrowed” it down to 500 some photos.)

Now that the book is laid out, for the most part, and most of the captioning is down, I can ease up just a little on my focus on it.  Today I barely worked on it at all (mostly because I spent several hours on it yesterday) instead I worked on editing some of my blog entries from my travels and transferred the remainder of entries.  There is still A LOT of work to be done on both so, don’t wonder if you don’t see any blog entries quite yet for my Germany trip.  They will probably appear “mysteriously” some time in the future when all is ready to be revealed.  As for the book, I’m hoping to have it finished this fall.  While it isn’t a secret, per se, some of my concepts and, of course the look of the entire thing, are unknown to my dad.  But, then that makes the anticipation for it all the better.  For me, it’s just a wonderful outlet for my creative energies.  Sometimes I need to be challenged like this to get the ideas to flow.  When they do start to flow I start to have ideas and concepts for other projects.  So, sometimes a break from one thing really means you’re hard at work on something else.