Show Recap

It’s that time of year when art shows abound. For those of us who submit our work to juried art shows, it’s a time of waiting – will my stuff get accepted or will I have wasted my time and money by submitting an entry? Well, the results are in on the two most recent ones. As it turned out, my drive to Muskegon was all for naught – both of my pieces were not accepted. (That’s a polite way of saying they were rejected.) So, I have to turn around and head back out to retrieve them, spending another nearly 2 hours of my life just driving the open road there and back, with nothing to show for my effort. Meanwhile, I’m out the entry fee and the money for gas.

On the other hand, I learned earlier this week that ALL of the photos that I had submitted for the Grand Rapids Arts Festival were accepted. That’s good, right? Actually, it’s great! It promises to be a large show because of its location. You might think with having such a large show that the jurors were less picky with their selections. Not so. It used to be with Festival that a lot of, well, less than great art got in. Since adding multiple jurors – one for each type of art category – the pieces that have been accepted are on a higher caliber than before.

Here are the pieces I’ll have in the show. You’ll recognize them from previous shows – it’s called rotation.







At Water’s Edge











A Light In the Darkness






















Water House and Tree


Meanwhile, the only thing I’ve heard from ArtPrize venues are “No”. I’ve received three rejections so far. I knew from the beginning that there would be a lot of waiting this year. Initially, I was going to leave my amount of connections where they were – with the original batch. But, when two weeks had passed and I only heard from two of them (rejections), I sent out another batch of connection requests – receiving another rejection in response. I’ve been helping a coworker attempt to become an ArtPrize artist. She has a big idea for an entry (one which I added to) though, she wanted to test the waters this year with an entry that requires only a minimal amount of additional work. I walked her through each step but I have been unable to bolster her enthusiasm for the competition once she started receiving rejections. She still has a few connections open without a response, so while it is still possible that she gets in she more than likely won’t be trying again next year.

I don’t know, maybe I’m a glutton for punishment or maybe I’m just used to rejection or, I simply know how to play the game. This is all part of being an artist. Sometimes you’re accepted, sometimes you’re rejected, sometimes you win awards and sometimes you wait a long time just to hear … something. It’s kind of like life, don’t you think?.