Have you ever had it where you meet someone new, only, their personality reminds you of someone else in your life? While that may be okay if that particular personality is appealing, it’s something quite the opposite if it’s not. Having come across a particular personality repeatedly in the course of my lifetime, I thought I’d make a list of the traits. You know, to be helpful to those of you who haven’t identified this type of personality yet and need to know what to look for. Or, for those of you who aspire to be said personality. I’m calling it the, “How To Make Yourself Appear More Important Than Others” list because it defines the personality trait of self-importance.

1.  Leak only minute amount of information to a select few on what you’re doing. Label it as top secret and stress that the information be shared with no one else. This makes the information more salacious – people will have a difficult time keeping it secret and will want to spill it. They will simultaneously feel privileged to know the information and torn because they want to share.
2.  Debate minutia. Find 2 or 3 elements that are closely related – say, paint color – and debate the differences that are so subtle that no one else can see them but you. Make these attributes sound so vastly different as though comparable to night and day. Once you’ve pursued everyone’s opinion, set it aside for a few days. Then, come back to it with renewed vigor, having added one more selection.
3.  Speaking of minutia – make a mountain out of a molehill. Find the least interesting element in an event or project. Take it over and make it THE thing on which everything else hinges. In fact, nothing else can move forward until this issue is resolved. Because, as we all will find out, the choice made here will determine the outcome with the next thing. And, unless a decision is reached, life as we know it HANGS IN THE BALANCE!!!
4.  Change your mind constantly, only, don’t inform others that you’ve changed your mind or why. When they question the change, look at them like they’ve lost a portion of their IQ and inform them that this is the way it’s been all along. And, above all, don’t answer their inquiries regarding the reasoning behind your choices – it’s none of their business. They obviously can’t see the scope of the project like you can.
5.  Work in circles. When you reach a snag in a project or event ignore the advice by any experts and have others try out various options for resolutions. Make sure when you return to square one you have the others repeat the process with only a tiny bit of a change. When no successful resolution is achieved, blame others for their lack of knowledge or incompetence.
6.  Make sure you are noticed when you enter a room. This can be achieved in a number of different ways. If someone else is in charge of the “event”, criticize everything they’ve done because only you could have done it better. You can also compare it to places that you’ve been before that have done a much better job at whatever it is than this. If you’re in charge – spare no expense to shape it to your vision. This can also include ordering everyone and anyone around to do your bidding. Most of all, have an entourage that follows you around so that it’s not just you that enters a room, but a group of people … following you. In order for all of you to pass by, others will have to move out of the way.
7.  Only talk congenially with those who you view as having influence. Everyone else is just there to serve you. So, one minute you can be pleasantly talking with one person and the next you can be snapping at someone that’s in your way. Only those who are self-important can be that flexible.
8.  Laugh off other people’s problems or issues by relating how much worse you have had it. Above all, do not empathize with anyone. You have WAY more experience with life than anyone else and surely anything that they’ve experienced is meaningless compared to your own.
9.  Make unrealistic demands of other people’s time. Everything that you’re doing is critical and demands urgent attention. If someone is in the midst of building a house, make them stop to help you hang a picture in your own home. It’s that URGENT and what they are doing is meaningless.
10. Finally, make everyone know that you are lowering yourself to be in their midst and that they should feel privileged at your mere presence. When you are with others, make sure you have the choice seat of the room – comfort and view – make insulting comments about the setting because it’s not up to your expectations and find some small way to be “generous” so that everyone will be grateful for what you did..