One Man’s Trash

And just like that, the weather changes and you’re left looking at all the outside project that need to be done and wonder where to start.  Such was the thought this morning when I got up and could feel the drop in humidity, along with the occasional breeze.  Too bad I hadn’t planned ahead for a day like this, I would’ve gotten up earlier so I could do scraping and priming before the sun warmed up the day.  Oh well.  Besides, I had to finish up a project I’ve been working on for weeks; one that’s starting to annoy my sense of decorum.

As you may recall, I’ve been pulling stuff out of storage in order to rid myself of it.  Having made a substantial pile of the items destined for donation down in my basement, it was time to move it out and be done with it as I was tired of looking at it.  So, I made multiple trips up and down the stairs and then back and forth to my Jeep as I navigated in my head the route that I would take.  You see, half of my load was made up of household stuff bound for a donation center that could use such things and the other half was bound for Habitat Restore.  The latter sells items and materials that can be used in building/remodeling projects.  Having accumulated this type of material for years, with all of the home remodeling projects I’ve done (replacing what was here), I had quite the load for them.

Here’s how the back of my Jeep looked after packing everything in:

 Looks like I’m going to move somewhere.

I was filling out the form at Habitat Restore as volunteers started taking inventory of what I brought in.  Based on the condition of some of the items – switch plates, hinges, door knobs – one volunteer thought they were new.  Well, maybe they’ll be able to sell them faster then, if that’s the assumption.

After all that work of accumulating some and packing it all up, I came home with nothing more than two slips of paper – receipts for my donations.  Well, that wasn’t so hard afterall.  I’m wondering what else that I’ve got here that I have no use for?