Good Morning

Shortly after my sinus surgery three years ago I discovered that I could predict the weather, well, my sinuses could based on changes in the barometric pressure.  It took me a while to figure out what was happening as some days I was fine and other days I would have a sinus headache or congestion.  In the days following my recent appointment with my ENT, my sinusitis has taken a turn for the worse.  On a daily basis I now battle stomach upset from the drainage, a dull headache from the pressure, wooziness and am easily tired.  All of this became magnified Thursday morning.  The headache was there first thing in the morning instead of its usual afternoon appearance, the queasiness was worse and I had to be careful about moving too fast as the room would start spinning.  The only thing that seemed to help was sitting in my darkened studio and working quietly on shooting images.

Long about 11:00 or so, I felt a lessening in the ill feelings.  I attributed it to the aspirin finally kicking in until I noticed it had finally started snowing.  The ill feelings would simmer back down even more Friday morning once the snow stopped completely and the sun came out, signaling that the front had passed and the air pressure had lightened.  What a relief.

While I was tired, really tired, by the time I headed home last night I was nonetheless feeling better than I had. Much more able to shovel out my driveway and sidewalk after the snowplow came through at 9:30 pm.  At least then only my back was sore from dealing with the heavy wet snow and not my head.

Even before the sun was out this morning I was up, awake and moving around.  I could just tell that today was going to be a better day health-wise because well, my sinuses had told me so.  With the barometric pressure lightened, so was my mood.  While I had wanted to go for a photo shoot first thing to capture the morning sun, I rescheduled it for the afternoon as the temperature outside was only in the single digits – not good for me or the equipment.  Instead, I posted a pic on my Facebook page from a earlier morning shoot along with a greeting that had popped into my head at the thought of seeing the sun this morning and what it would be like out on a shoot at this hour.

After tinkering with it some more (I can do that since I’m the author) here is what I have:


Good morning sun with your stunning light show.

Good morning trees and stumps covered with snow.

Good morning path with a canopy of trees.

Good morning branches now barren of leaves.

Good morning ground under a blanket of white.

Good morning plants sleeping through winter’s night.

Good morning sky, blue at long last.

Good morning air with your arctic blast.

Good morning rays of light that abound.

Good morning to shadows dark on the ground.

Good morning to the One who makes all things new.

Good morning to my eyes with this awesome view

Good morning words that help me to say,

Good morning to you on this beautiful day.