Chapter 73 – Session

A dim glow lights our quarters. An awareness comes over me that the intensity of the light is based on the activity within the space. Or, is it that the dimming of the light signals that it’s time to rest? I wonder. Even with our knack for observing details that others miss, I highly doubt […]

Chapter 72 – Mission

Thanks to Carnesol’s tour, I know where the Bormeas keep their surplus of goods. Using my influence, I requested that much of the goods in my room be switched out for some of the other items. While on the tour, I spied something of even greater value in the dark. Now a number of Nemel’s […]

Chapter 71 – Mission

As Carnesol and I tour the compound, we attract the attention of other Bormeas. Soon enough, there is a group following us, because they have nothing else to do with their time. Much like the goods accumulated in the Bormeas’ storerooms, the additional Bormeas serve no purpose except as a display of excess. “How do […]

Chapter 70 – Session

How does the Commander know which one of us scouts to call to discuss a specific perspective on a mission? Looking around at all of the other scouts milling about our quarters it becomes quickly obvious that we are all identical. Are we implanted with a chip which tracks us throughout the ship? If so, […]

Chapter 69 – Mission

“You should be the Esteemed here,” Carnesol tells me. His voice is low, muffled all the more by the rugs that cover the floor. I peer back at him in the dim light. “I could help you,” he nearly whispers, taking my silence as a sign of interest. “And, what would you get in return?” […]

Chapter 68 – Session

Life aboard our vessel has become routine. I never noticed before how monotonous the down time was between missions. Sessions with the Commander are followed by time in our quarters, either alone or with each other. All the while, the other scouts and I wait for the inevitable takeover or for the next mission. Sometimes […]

Chapter 67 – Mission

After the heat of the day, the cool night air feels refreshing. As I sit back on the outlook rock, I realize I am surrounded by the important elements of this planet: mineral deposits, water flowing in the cavern below, soil and plant life and the clean, unfiltered air that I breathe. But there is […]

Chapter 65 – Mission

The Bormeas’ routine of presenting themselves to the general public only whets their appetite for what follows as the adulation from the crowds outside serves to bolster their egos even more. I linger on the balcony not because of the attention that I receive, but because of what comes next. Once we step away from […]

Chapter 64 – Session

To put it clinically, my race, my kind … we are genderless … sexless. We do not reproduce by means of coupling or mating. We are regenerated by some other means of which even we are not completely aware. There’s some potential truth to the thought that we may not even be really alive. We […]