Chapter 82 – Mission

Is this longing to be one of them, to rejoin Dar-el and see her again, something real or simply a hold over — nothing more than merely a more attractive choice to what follows? Am I emotionally connected? Did I bond with them or were my eyes and emotions simply opened to more than what […]

Chapter 81 – Session

I watch from my bunk as first one scout and then, not much later, another scout is summoned. A prickly sensation rises on the back of my neck. Have I developed a heightened sense of awareness in my end days to notice how apathetic we are after so many generations? There’s not just one Commander, […]

Chapter 79 – Session

For no apparent reason I wake up while I should be resting. In the stillness of our quarters I am reminded of the isolation and lack of life that I felt when I was with the Bormeas. Our quarters, this room where all of us scouts swap stories, it’s just a holding place. As though […]

Chapter 78 – Mission

I stay with Nemel longer than usual one evening and witness the explosion of colors as the sun sinks into the horizon. Since his cave is at the opposite end of the outcropping, he witnesses the end of the day whereas the others are awakened by the new day’s light. Now in reviewing my experiences, […]

Chapter 76 – Session

I watch as the last of the other scouts leave our quarters to either meet with the Commander or to complete some other drill or task. Is there a reason why I’ve been left … alone?   To distract me from these thoughts, I wander over to the viewscreen. “Show me S33-P19,” I command. Immediately there […]

Chapter 75 – Mission

The days are long, confined to my room in the Bormean compound. Letting my system slow down to a near rest state, I sit by the balcony and attempt to discern scents and odors that waft up from the market square below. Occasionally I pick out the scent of spices with which I became familiar […]

Chapter 74 – Session

The chatter of the other scouts dissipates as they begin to find their bunks to rest. Another endless “day” within the ship has drawn to a close with nothing to show for it. I am discovering that I prefer my surroundings to be totally silent as opposed to the chatter and activities of the other […]