A.M. As soon as I heard the birds ushering in the morning with song, I knew any more rest was over. It had been a night filled with a mixture of rest and sleep – more the former than the latter.  While the cool morning air is now wafting into the room, setting the sheer […]


Far into the horizon a red/orange glow marks the sun rise for hours as we continue to travel east.  It never darkened completely and I never completely fell asleep on the way to Germany.  Neither my sister nor I really slept, both giving up with over three hours to kill.  I watched a movie and […]

Smart Moves

As weeks go, this one seemed to be overly long, tediously slow and almost painful to plod through.  Apparently that’s what happens when you have a holiday on a Monday — it throws off the entire week.  Today then, came with some relief.  I don’t know whether the relief was due to it being finally […]

More Trip Planning

Months ago I had a number of options for what to do today.  When it was forecasted to be sunny and pleasant, I reviewed my options and decided to go with the outdoor activity plans.  Then the reality of today arrived — cool and overcast — and I had to change my plans again.  One […]

More Than a Walk

Sometimes a walk is just a walk. Sometimes going out and walking around the neighborhood or in a park is simply a means of exercise. Then there is the kind of walk where you get away from all distractions.   On this walk you are simply in the moment. And, being in the moment, you […]

Disappointed With Church

I’m beginning to understand why people don’t go to church.  And even if people do go to church, I totally get why they don’t participate in any church activities.  If you think that this makes me sound like I’ve become judgmental and cynical toward church, as an institution, than you’re probably right.  And I’m okay […]

The Walk

I walked out of another church service today.  I hope this isn’t becoming a habit.  While last week’s service was a little understandable — I had another commitment and was uncertain how long the service lasted — today’s walk out was less clear cut. I visited yet another church, one in which I’ve never been […]

Back At It

The past few days have been a blur.  Good thing I’m a photographer and know to take pictures of even the most mundane of things so I can at least document all of it. Wednesday – mowed my lawn for the first time this year.  It was looking a bit shabby all around and some […]