A Day To Wander

I’m sitting in the “business center” of the hotel which is basically just an airless room with a computer and internet, waiting for it to start up. First it wasn’t on, now it is just spinning – taking forever to connect.  I don’t know if I want this frustration this late in the day.  Ahh, […]

The Castle Walk

We’re out on the veranda trying to stay cool on a VERY hot day.  It is probably in the 80’s with some humidity. The skies have totally clouded over.  For the most part there is very little breeze.  I feel gross from sweating all day. We got going right away this morning after filling up […]

The Romantic Road

Monday is so obviously a different day than Sunday.  There are work men out early jackhammering up a stretch of a side street and garbage containers line the main street  .  The garbage truck came rattling down the main street as we waited for our vehicle.  The men were dressed in neon orange shorts with […]

Walk ‘Til You Drop

We really did Rothenburg today.  I thought being up until midnight would help me sleep longer this morning – nope.  People are quite noisy here in the morning and it all echoes off of the cobblestone road.  That and it gets light early.  Awake at like 4:30, I didn’t get up until 5:30ish.  I was […]

The Perfect Storm

It may take a while to wind down.  We hit the “perfect storm”. The trifecta of all traveling nightmares – all within moments of each other, all hinging on one another. The morning started quietly enough – breakfast buffet then the Apotheke for both of us as I developed a sore throat, had it all […]

A Memorable Day

Good thing I didn’t plan for an ordinary Birthday because what I got today was anything but.  After opening some Birthday cards during our breakfast, we went to see a doctor for my sister.  (She  is susceptible to bronchitis.)  The office was only a couple of turns away from our hotel.  Unfortunately, the office was […]