00:10:00 – shave 00:10:00 – wash face – it’s a process now, there are steps 00:10:00 – eat breakfast 00:15:00 – eat lunch 00:30:00 – prep and eat dinner 00:01:30 – cook instant oatmeal 00:10:00 – make and pack lunch 00:27:00 – average cook time for frozen pizza 00:06:00 – average cook time for frozen […]

The Break

To say today was a little different would be an understatement. In reality, it was a lot different. Oh, it started normal enough – morning workout, get ready for work, arrive at work and get started, only it was during my initial tasks that things went awry. I paid a visit to our HR’s office […]


So, I’ve just started the process of revamping my website. Designing it from scratch as I’m leaving behind the limited template that I’ve been using. I asked one of my nephews to help – you know, one from the generation who grew up with computers, unlike myself who only knows how to do something if […]


I was scanning in what I think is a hilarious shot from decades ago – to be posted on Facebook next week – when I thought I would revisit my beginnings … as a photographer.  It was early fall of 1986 when I purchased my first camera, a Vivatar point and shoot.  I bought it […]

Travelin’ Man

Today was an unusual day for me as I was barely home. Here’s how it went down. I left for Muskegon shortly after nine to retrieve my pieces that didn’t get accepted into the show there. Since it had been cool the night before, I dressed in jeans and a jacket. When I walked out […]

Win Some

I attended the opening reception for the 2012 Festival of the Arts – Regional Arts Exhibition tonight. As it turned out, leaving work when I did was a good call – traffic was a mess all over. What should have been a 10 minute drive from work took me twice as long as I had […]

Picture This

My employer recently invested in a I.D. card system which means every employee will have a badge to wear that will allow them access to our buildings. In designing the look of the card, it was decided that we needed to photograph every employee against a neutral background using identical lighting – so they will […]