The Break

To say today was a little different would be an understatement. In reality, it was a lot different. Oh, it started normal enough – morning workout, get ready for work, arrive at work and get started, only it was during my initial tasks that things went awry. I paid a visit to our HR’s office […]


So, I’ve just started the process of revamping my website. Designing it from scratch as I’m leaving behind the limited template that I’ve been using. I asked one of my nephews to help – you know, one from the generation who grew up with computers, unlike myself who only knows how to do something if […]


I was scanning in what I think is a hilarious shot from decades ago – to be posted on Facebook next week – when I thought I would revisit my beginnings … as a photographer.  It was early fall of 1986 when I purchased my first camera, a Vivatar point and shoot.  I bought it […]

Travelin’ Man

Today was an unusual day for me as I was barely home. Here’s how it went down. I left for Muskegon shortly after nine to retrieve my pieces that didn’t get accepted into the show there. Since it had been cool the night before, I dressed in jeans and a jacket. When I walked out […]

Return Of the Rider

Days before this weekend actually hit, the weather forecast appeared to be very bleak – hot and humid – kinda like August only in May. I was not looking forward to it at all. So, when I walked out of church this morning and it was comfortably cool and breezy out I decided to do […]

Win Some

I attended the opening reception for the 2012 Festival of the Arts – Regional Arts Exhibition tonight. As it turned out, leaving work when I did was a good call – traffic was a mess all over. What should have been a 10 minute drive from work took me twice as long as I had […]

Picture This

My employer recently invested in a I.D. card system which means every employee will have a badge to wear that will allow them access to our buildings. In designing the look of the card, it was decided that we needed to photograph every employee against a neutral background using identical lighting – so they will […]


In television broadcasting land this is the time of year when the season ends for new programming. In this past week alone there were numerous season finales. They all have to end with some sort of cliffhanger now in order to build up our enthusiasm for their reappearance in the fall. In addition to season […]

Show Recap

It’s that time of year when art shows abound. For those of us who submit our work to juried art shows, it’s a time of waiting – will my stuff get accepted or will I have wasted my time and money by submitting an entry? Well, the results are in on the two most recent […]