A Little Take and Give

So, I have good news and bad news.  You’ll have to read about the bad news first as the good news will put it all into perspective.  I went to retrieve my ArtPrize entry today while on lunch.  First thing I noticed when walking into my little room was that there wasn’t anything on my pedestal … anything in the shape of a certain coffee table book that was the integral part of my entry.  While I put the various wrappings on the floor I did a quick scan of the room to see if it had been left somewhere else.  Nope.  My book was gone.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that my three framed photos were still hanging on the wall and the custom made pedestal was still in the room as well.  Of all the things for whomever to take, at least he/she took the one thing that can be easily replaced as well as being the least expensive part of my entry.

I finished packing up my stuff, loaded it up into the back of my Jeep and drove home to drop it all off.  Couldn’t help but ponder what the story is behind all of this is.  Furthermore, one never knows how God will use this to shape not only my life and those who hear about it, but especially the one who took the book.  Could be some kid did it for fun or an adult did it without thinking about the consequences.  I’d like to think that the person who took it liked it so much that he/she will treasure it.  Perhaps some day in really reading through it, he/she will see what is at the heart of some of the hard won life lessons that I included.  Perhaps it will be shared with that person’s family and others will be touched by it.  It could be that the book gets passed on from one owner to another.  Who’s to say how God will use it in the lives of those who come into contact with it?  It may be that someday I learn of its story, but I should I not, I’m okay with that too.

Instead of wishing the unknown person a lifetime of paper cuts every time he/she looks through the book, I am praying for a change of life for this person.  Whomever it is needed to have my book more than I did, that’s for certain.  On my way back to work I thought about the many times God has shown me grace and how limitless his forgiveness is.  If, by extending grace and forgiveness to the unknown person over this small infraction I can imitate Christ, so much the better for all of us.  Sometimes you have to forgive one who’s wronged you, even if you don’t know who that person is.

So, my book, constructed at a time when I need something creative and fun to work on and born from a lifetime of adventures and life lessons, is off on an adventure of its own.  I would expect nothing less from it and for it..