Chapter 93 – Mission

“You want to know how I survived the testing?” Nemel asks me. The late afternoon sun casts shadows from both of us across the dusty ground. Each one of the shadows features elongated limbs, a simple lithe form for our bodies and a head that’s out of proportion to what it’s attached to. Without knowing […]

Chapter 91 – Mission

“Without an identity, without a purpose, without someone in my life who had a need for my presence, I felt no need to continue along the trek of life.” Elder’s voice is low, tinged with the sorrow that, I surmise, once filled it. Turning toward me, he locks his gaze on me, “You know what […]

Chapter 90 – Mission

I am half-asleep when Osc enters my room to prep my attire for tonight’s banquet. My eyes, heavy with sleep, and my mind slowed by boredom, loss and inactivity, don’t readily take note of Osc’s hand movements. I have the vague impression that he’s repeating the gestures, moving closer as he does so, but I […]