Chapter 88 – Mission

My room in the Bormeas’ compound is oppressively warm and dry during the day. Finding it difficult to breathe and even move when I’m on the bed, I choose to spend most of my time in the expansive chair by the balcony. Sometimes, if I leave the drapes open, I can even feel a breeze […]

Chapter 87 – Mission

The tips of my fingers touch the brittle piece in the inner pocket of my robe as I walk to my room. The edge is rough and unexpectedly jagged as though a jarring reminder of something out of place. Once inside, I prop a chair under the handle of the door to at least delay […]

Chapter 86 – Session

I’ve run the scenarios and eliminated each race as the Nosram instructed me. There is another part to the simulation program though that takes some time to work through each scenario. We call it the re-enactor. By submitting blood and tissue samples of a species, along with data of their environment, we can see how […]

Chapter 85 – Mission

There is something amiss about the Bormeas. They aren’t what they used to be. They’ve fallen into the same behavior of overindulgence as the tribes and it’s changed them, altered them beyond recognition. Based on what Elder told me about their origin, I can hardly imagine this group of lumbering beasts taking over so quickly. […]

Chapter 84 – Mission

I am losing track of my time here with the Bormeas. The nights are the worst.  Once we retire to our rooms after our evening feast, the noise of those wandering about on the streets of the city carries up to my room. It is mostly the Necco patrolling or harassing anyone wandering about in […]

Chapter 82 – Mission

Is this longing to be one of them, to rejoin Dar-el and see her again, something real or simply a hold over — nothing more than merely a more attractive choice to what follows? Am I emotionally connected? Did I bond with them or were my eyes and emotions simply opened to more than what […]

Chapter 81 – Session

I watch from my bunk as first one scout and then, not much later, another scout is summoned. A prickly sensation rises on the back of my neck. Have I developed a heightened sense of awareness in my end days to notice how apathetic we are after so many generations? There’s not just one Commander, […]