Chapter 67 – Mission

After the heat of the day, the cool night air feels refreshing. As I sit back on the outlook rock, I realize I am surrounded by the important elements of this planet: mineral deposits, water flowing in the cavern below, soil and plant life and the clean, unfiltered air that I breathe. But there is […]

Chapter 65 – Mission

The Bormeas’ routine of presenting themselves to the general public only whets their appetite for what follows as the adulation from the crowds outside serves to bolster their egos even more. I linger on the balcony not because of the attention that I receive, but because of what comes next. Once we step away from […]

Chapter 64 – Session

To put it clinically, my race, my kind … we are genderless … sexless. We do not reproduce by means of coupling or mating. We are regenerated by some other means of which even we are not completely aware. There’s some potential truth to the thought that we may not even be really alive. We […]

Chapter 63 – Mission

The sun is in its afternoon slump. Soon we will begin the dressing process. The Bormeas’ evening activities will culminate with the nightly banquet feast. I have not been here that long and already I have grown weary of the banquets. Meal times with the Bormeas is an exercise in wits and strength. This time […]

Chapter 61 – Mission

There is more than enough time here in the Bormeas’ compound to review, digest and ruminate the events with which I’m involved. Here, it seems, there is nothing but time as there is very little to do. Except for the evening meals there is nothing to gauge the passing of time and at the end […]

Chapter 60 – Mission

“We were admiring your cloak,” Esteemed murmurs smoothly as he slowly circles around me. “It’s rather charming in its simplicity. It has an interesting feel too,” he adds, rubbing the fabric between his fingers. “A little too rough for my tastes. Is this what they wear in Haspel?” Behind him a small group of Bormeas […]