Chapter 46 – Session

Ever since coming back from my mission on Tericlune I have withdrawn, holding back as much as possible from interacting with the other scouts. Realizing  now how this interaction could help me, I walk over to a handful of them sitting at the table sharing stories. When there is a break in their conversation, I ask, […]

Chapter 44 – Mission

“When you leave, I want to go with you,” Dar-el states with determination. I stop mid-stride and stare at her, but she never turns to look at me as she continues along the path. “Why do you think I’m leaving?” I ask, projecting the question across the distance between us. It stops Dar-el’s progress, but […]

Chapter 43 – Mission

Based on initial and subsequent follow-up observations, it is apparent that Caysas mate for life. Due to childbirth perhaps and other possible unknowns, the longevity of the females is shorter than the males, leaving most of the males to age alone. In some cases, a daughter, sister or close relative will take in the aging […]

Chapter 42 – Session

In the first scenario the Nosram hit the Caysas’ outcropping with a sonic wave so powerful that the entire formation is flattened instantaneously. The Nosram know well enough from my reports to hold off on this attack until between trades. They know nothing of the small pockets of Caysas that live elsewhere. The Nosram know that […]

Chapter 38 – Mission

I circle around the various tribes, falling back into my role of observer. Dar-el is busy with food preparation and Nemel has disappeared again. Anything I learn now will be from watching and listening. Though I haven’t been introduced, from a distance I can see members of the other tribes watching me. Some of them […]