Chapter 35 – Mission

“Blin!” I look up from my planting at the sound of Dar-el’s voice. She stands a distance away at the edge of the field. Ignoring the looks of the other Caysas, she waves her hand, motioning for me to come to her. Leaving my work behind, I gingerly step among the freshly planted rows of […]

Chapter 34 – Session

I stare at the speakceiver box in front of me, wondering what questions I’ll have to answer which I’ve already answered multiple times. It is slowly dawning on me how tedious the process of extracting information from all of us scouts really is. In my opinion, it would seem that our reports, samples and even […]

Chapter 33 – Mission

Nemel greets Dar-el and me carrying what appears to be a rolled up weaving. Despite his child-like features, his arms betray a strength beyond his apparent age in their ability to carry the heavy load. The length of the roll itself is equal to his height and the girth of it is about the same […]

Chapter 32 – Session

Fully rested again I leave my bunk, walking toward the table where most of the other scouts are mixing food with conversation. I am only aware of an emptiness inside me when I see my grey companions, as though there is no sense of anticipation in being around them. There is a dullness in their appearance, […]

Chapter 31 – Mission

The longer I stay with the Caysas the more I find out about them. It seems like each day there is something new to learn and Dar-el is nearly always the teacher. There is a restlessness in the air tonight that I have felt building for some time. Nothing holds my attention for long and […]

Chapter 30 – Session

I watch as my former, now recycled, bunkmate chatters with the other scouts about its training exercises. Curious how animated this one gets over such basics. From the scout’s exaggerated hand gestures and wide-eyed look, I try to imagine which scenario it might have encountered. In our training exercises we experience a number of different […]

Chapter 29 – Mission

Dar-el and I reach a turn in the outcropping when she puts out her hand to stop me from continuing. I glance over at her as I come to an abrupt halt and see her staring at something in the distance. Following her gaze, I see Elder speaking with Nemel outside of his cave. Although […]

Chapter 28 – Session

I wake from my rest state with reluctance, delaying getting up and socializing with the others, if only for a few moments longer. When I do hop down from my bunk, I don’t get very far. “What was your first mission like?” I turn to see my bunkmate sitting on the lower bunk looking as […]

Chapter 27 – Mission

A benefit of living in caves with connecting tunnels and open chambers is the ability to overhear numerous conversations. While most contain only daily living content, sometimes I am able to obtain information about the Caysas’ trades and rulings of their council. Sometimes, as in the case now, I hear about topics that are of […]

Chapter 26 – Mission

We, my kind, are designed to go for a long time without rest. Even when we do shut down to recharge it is a much shorter process when compared to the natural rest that other life forms take. Because of this, it leaves us scouts with extra time to observe. While other life forms can […]