Chapter 22 – Mission

Like the dust of the ground, kicked up from our ascent and now lazily drifting back down, silence settles in around Elder and me as we find a seat on the overlook rock. There is a certain reverence in this moment together — a pause before we begin a discourse on some compelling topic. Since […]

Chapter 21 – Mission

“Blin! Over here.” Hearing Dar-el call my name, I immediately look up from my intense study of the Caysas’ array of plants. She waves to me from a path amidst the caves. I raise my hand in response as I rise from my crouched position, deftly storing a leaf from a plant in one of […]

Chapter 20 – Session

The only time I can let my guard down is when the other scouts and I are resting on our bunks. I stare at the ceiling or lie in perfect stillness while I relive my memories. My thoughts linger with the Caysas, mostly on Dar-el. I can’t stop thinking about her. Such a concept is […]