Chapter 19 – Mission

“I’m going to call you, the Quiet One,” Dar-el chuckles as she plunks herself down on the mat beside me. “But, my name is Blin,” I counter. The corners of Dar-el’s eyes crinkle slightly and her lips tremble as a sound escapes her in response to my protest. She coughs slightly, bringing her hand up […]

Chapter 18 – Mission

I linger in the corridor of the cave after hearing stories of the Caysas’ history for the first time. Staring at the figural drawings on the wall, Elder’s words ringing in my ears, I can almost imagine the characters alive. Scattered along the tunnel’s walls are torches whose flickering flames seem to make the images […]

Chapter 17 – Mission

The day proves long in its usual routine of tasks. I find that I am separating my thoughts from my physical labors. While my hands work at digging and planting, I think about Elder’s story concerning the Caysas’ history. By the end of the day I come to the conclusion that there is much more […]

Chapter 16 – Mission

Recognizing the need to be alone outside again, I tread quietly out of the cave. I follow the path up to the outlook rock at one end of the outcropping. The twin moons and the network of stars light up the sky enough for me to see the plains roll on for a great distance. […]