Chapter 15 – Session

My legs wobble as I walk back to our quarters. I either experienced a long session and am in need of nutrient or … my legs shouldn’t wobble like this. I stand still, imagining my legs becoming firm again. My breathing is rapid, my palms are slick with sweat. I slowly look around. I have […]

Chapter 14 – Mission

The Caysas rely on their community living to support and help each other when needed. There is rarely a moment when one of them is alone. It seems only Elder is allowed this action without reprisal. Given that he governs the group and is older, Elder is granted some errant behavior. Realizing this, I know […]

Chapter 13 – Session

I stare at the speakceiver box in front of me, waiting to hear the Commander’s voice. A hiss sounds from it as though the box is breathing a presence into the room, engulfing me with its distorted qualities. “You left a scent trail to Elder and agitated a predatory beast to pursue him — clever,” […]

Chapter 12 – Mission

My hands appear to be a ruined mess. Eager to fit in and learn all I can about this tribe, I pushed myself hard. Initially, the strange ritual of plucking fruit or pulling up weeds intrigued me, enough to ignore aches that echoed throughout this foreign body. I can easily adjust any discomfort I am […]

Chapter 11 – Session

Images flash in front of me. The chair in which I sit and the room in which I’m confined slide away from my senses as I focus all of my attention on the view projected before me. The images are from the probes, taken from overhead. I see rough terrain filled with mostly rocks and […]