Chapter 10 – Mission

While eating at meal times, and even after I am done, I take in everything about my new environment. I can obtain tangible samples for later study from the surrounding landscape. There is, however, even more information that can be gleaned simply from observing behavior and conversation patterns. At the same time I am keenly aware […]

Chapter 9 – Mission

I begin working with the Caysas in the morning. The one who determines my tasks is the taller Caysa, Heams. I am to help out in the fields, pulling weeds, plucking ripe food and preparing the ground for planting. My astute observation skills become an asset as I follow Heams’ movements exactly in breaking up […]

Chapter 8 – Session

As I stare at the image of Tericlune, I become aware that my back is to the door. The projected image on the view screen will be the first thing anyone entering the room will see. They might question why I am looking at the planet; why I am still interested in seeing it. I […]

Chapter 7 – Mission

“I am indebted to you for helping me,” the male declares, securing the wrap around his injured leg. He is older than most of the inhabitants that I’ve seen from the probes’ images. A sparse spread of grey hair on his head and across his face take on a silvery tone in the glow of […]