Chapter 6 – Session

Depending on the mission, the Commander may require a number of sessions with us upon our return. All of us scouts have questioned the necessity of these follow-up sessions. If the Nosram have our reports and accompanying samples, what other information can be gleaned from conversations with us? Usually, a session is a routine event. […]

Chapter 5 – Mission

Moving through the scrub I catch sight of glowing eyes all around me. There are a number of species even out here in the wild, some predators and others not. I can detect the musky scents of at least three different wild creatures mixed in with the earthy aroma of plant life. As they sniff […]

Chapter 4 – Session

I sit on the edge of my bunk watching the other scouts slowly emerge from their rest state. “The Commander will speak with you after your meal,” a raspy voice sounds from the speakceiver on my bunk. I stare at it while the others rouse themselves and head for the nutrient dispenser. The Nosram constantly […]

Chapter 3 – Session

Just before I leave the shuttle I pull the hood of  my robe over my head. By arriving in the full dress of the life forms we took on, we bring a bit of the world and culture to the Nosram. Wearing the gear to our pickup site is also easier than carrying it. Unfortunately, […]

Chapter 2 – Mission

“We’re approaching the landing site,” the disembodied voice of the pilot sounds from somewhere within the enclosed cabin. “Do you have everything that you need?” “Yes.” My response is second nature. There is never a need for anything. Everything that I’ll use is determined and packed ahead of time. The question is only a formality, […]