What I Learned About Germany

Things we learned about Germany: Cows wear bells. No radio/clocks in the hotel rooms. Wi/fi not the best – slow and drops out, a lot. English translations not always the best or grammatically correct. Smoking is permitted nearly anywhere, all the time – outside, elevator, bathroom stalls, cafes  – except there’s no smoking allowed in […]

The Way Home

4:42 am It’s the morning of our travel day home and we’re awake before either alarm or wake up call, imagine that.  I had two pockets of deep sleep – I hope that’s enough.  I can’t wait to get home and sleep in my own bed even if the a/c needs to be on.  This […]

A Day To Wander

I’m sitting in the “business center” of the hotel which is basically just an airless room with a computer and internet, waiting for it to start up. First it wasn’t on, now it is just spinning – taking forever to connect.  I don’t know if I want this frustration this late in the day.  Ahh, […]

A Long Day of touring

Finally a/c.  Finally we can sleep in, we tell ourselves when reality is, we wake up at about the same time.  Germany’s a/c is NOT the same as our – not frigid, though it is cooler and there isn’t any humidity.  I saw fans for the first time yesterday in the rooms across the way. […]

The Three Hour “Tour”

Breakfast at the buffet – scrambled eggs this time and no French toast OR waffles!  What?!  Plus, no flavored yogurt, croissants or even the pastries.  What is going on?  Some of it showed later.  I cut back on the amount I ate because I wasn’t that hungry and we were supposedly due in at Munich […]

A Moment To Reflect

I took a while to wind down last night.  We had turned in early because we were both tired and wanted to make sure we got up by 5:30 – as if we’d ever miss that!  It took forever to fall asleep, especially with warm and thick air – ugh. It hasn’t hit me as […]