The Whirlwind

I’m so glad I’ve been steadily working on cleaning out my gardens for the past few weeks.  Even though the weather was nasty the last two — hail one week and rain/snow the next  — had I waited until “good” weather, like today, I wouldn’t have gotten it all done.  Depending on the conditions, it […]

The Door

There are times in everyone’s life when we reach for the proverbial door and find it locked.  Sometimes, as though to add insult to injury, the door first appears open only to get slammed shut right in front of us.  What you initially thought was an opportunity is no longer and you have to back […]

All Riled Up

As any good stories go, this one has a backstory.  About a month ago I discontinued my cable service with Comcast as their digital adapters didn’t work for my setup and I was just fed up with the whole thing.  Comcast sent me a shipping label to return the equipment and I’m now watching television […]

Be Thankful

When we have something to say that others may not like to hear we often cite the First Amendment – Freedom of Speech — as though in doing so, others should accept what we say without argument.  Oh right, the First Amendment, say whatever you want then.  The problem is, we’ve watered it down do […]

What Inspires Me

When I talk about writing a story that takes place in outer space the reaction my news receives the most is that the other person doesn’t read that genre.  I don’t either … regularly.  I can’t help but find inspiration though for the story, characters, environment and the like from numerous resources.  The Bible, for […]


I visited a different church today.  Well, make that a church with which I’m unfamiliar, as opposed to describing the church itself as “different” a.k.a. “odd”.  Truth be told, I felt like the different or odd one.  You see, I just can’t shake my conservative roots, nor my personal beliefs that when we worship God […]

Life In the Fast Lane

Life in today’s society means always being on the go, always in motion, always doing something.  So, I did something today alright, I worked in my gardens.  Yup, it’s spring cleanup time.  All those leaves I blew and let fall into my gardens last fall to act as a protective barrier for the plants against […]