Negative Into Positive

I left work early this afternoon to retrieve my entries that weren’t accepted in Lowell’s juried art show.  When I dropped them off last week to be evaluated, I caught sight of where the sun hit the area surrounding the gallery and knew I needed to photograph it.  So, when the weather forecast for today […]

The No Show

There are a number of juried art shows that I attempt to participate in each year.  Each one is a bit different from the other in size, scope or “look”.  Three of them — Lowell, Muskegon and Grand Rapids (Arts Festival) happen in the spring/summer.  The fourth one, in Holland, occurs in early fall.  I […]

Dark Places

As a child I was terrified by the dark.  Well, not the dark so much as what creeped about in the dark.  Yes, I was one of those kids with an overactive imagination who thought there were monsters lurking in the closet — sure to come out in the dark of night if the door […]

Cutting the Cable

So, I did it — I called my television cable company Thursday evening and broke the news — I’m going to do without.  The customer service person on the other end was so, “Sorry to hear that,” he hurried to come up with a better package for me.  This after letting me wait on hold […]

Going Cableless

A while ago I received notice from my television cable company that they were upgrading their system and that I would need a digital adapter to receive their signal.  The adapters would be available free of charge (up to 3), I just needed to order them and install them before the big date … today.  […]

Go For Launch

A few weeks back my travel agent called me with the news that she had finally found a company that could provide what I was looking for in regards to my trip to Germany.  This one was more affordable than the others who had responded to her inquiry.  Nevertheless, it was still more costly than […]

The Litmus Test

Tonight in my writers’ group we finally came to the section in my book which I have been anticipating since I started the group.  The section, part of my second chapter, is only three pages long.  In reading over this section, on the surface, not much happens.  It is basically the protagonist describing a group […]

Keeping Track

I recently signed up/on with Endomondo, the “community based on free GPS tracking of sports”.  I have a coworker who uses it when running or biking to not only track (and post) the route, but also time involved.  I thought it was a good idea to track my workouts, but not being a runner and […]