Front Page News

The last 24 hours have been a blur.  Over the weekend I worked on the story of my coworkers’ adventure and submitted it to The Rapidian, the local e-zine in which my previous article was published.  I found out yesterday afternoon/evening that my story had been accepted and was part of their “commentary/voices” section.  So, […]

The Rally

Something changed this past week.  I could feel the difference as early as Tuesday.  While the storm raged on outside, I was feeling … fine, inside.  No headaches and no sick to my stomach feeling from the drainage.  While there was still some residual dizziness if I turned too quickly, the debilitating symptoms I had […]

Taking the Plunge

It wasn’t too long ago that I used to go on what seemed like a wild adventure every month.  They were “wild” because I had never done them before and didn’t know what to expect or what the outcome would be.  So, when I was presented with the opportunity to participate in this year’s Polar […]

Second Time Around

I spent the afternoon on the couch reading (and finishing) my latest book.  It was during the quiet of the afternoon that I read a scene in the narrative that was unusual, so unusual that even the main character had no explanation for it.  It made me wonder whether the author made it up or […]

Less Than Stellar

I have started this entry four times now.  Initially, straightforward and then switching to philosophical a couple of times.  Why is it so difficult to write this entry about an ordinary day?  Perhaps because my “ordinary” days have become something different of late.  It seems as though every time I visit my ENT I come […]

Here We Go Again

Since I began working on my manuscript in earnest (again) I have started to read through the Bible again as well. (You’d be surprised where I find inspiration for even the genre(s) that I write.)  I’m in Exodus now.  The Israelites have crossed the Red Sea — praising God for their miraculous rescue only to […]

A Long Winter’s Hike

Oh the things I do to get some great winter images.  I couldn’t have imagined starting out yesterday afternoon that the hike would be so strenuous and exhausting, though at the same time — so rewarding.  I returned to Millennium Park, covered now in a thick layer of snow.  While the park itself is closed, […]

Good Morning

Shortly after my sinus surgery three years ago I discovered that I could predict the weather, well, my sinuses could based on changes in the barometric pressure.  It took me a while to figure out what was happening as some days I was fine and other days I would have a sinus headache or congestion.  […]

New Shoes

I finally wore the new black shoe boots that I purchased a week or so ago.  As I bent over to pull them on I inhaled that … new shoe smell.  It must be the leather that’s used in the construction, thus the proliferation of it when entering any store carrying shoes.  I’ve heard that […]

At Day’s End

I thought for sure today was the day that I would start with my touchup project at home.  Seeing as how I’ve put it off for months now, I figured that I’d finally get to it, being a new month and all.  Yeah, well, one look outside and all plans for the day went by […]