In scripts for movies or television shows, dialogue is usually the main part of the narrative (unless there’s some action sequences).  In the books that I’ve been reading, the main characters tend to get caught up in philosophical or scientific conversations that go on and on for pages, usually without any real resolution.  At this […]

Another World

I went for a winter hike today, this after clearing my driveway of snow and then doing a kickboxing workout.  (I must be a glutton for punishment.)  Over the years I’ve noticed that there is usually one perfect day in the winter for photography — at least for me who only has the weekends free […]


Ever been asked to fill out a survey based on performance within a retail setting?  Within the last two days it’s been “presented” to me to do so at two different places.  It’s getting a little obnoxious.  Oh, not filling out the survey, the behavior that precedes it.  The “clerk” or whomever is behaving so […]

Detective T

Back in the days when I was reading detective novels I considered the possibility of becoming a detective myself.  Solving baffling mysteries through the power of deduction and observation  seemed like a cool thing.  Then I grew up, life went on and I forgot all about my dream, that is until today. One of the […]

Seeing Patterns

I went somewhere today that I haven’t been to in a while — church.  Wait, let me be more specific — I visited the CRC church today to which I belonged for nearly 30 years.  It’s a strange thing to return to something familiar after being apart for a number of years (nearly 2-1/2 now).  […]

Genre Hopping

I finished the latest book that I was reading today.  It’s the last, I think, of the time travel books, which is good.  This one also gets the dreaded, “Blech!” classification from me.  I don’t care if it did win a Nebula Award — which is like the Oscar for sci/fi and fantasy writers — […]

Full Circle

Seeing that luggage was on sale at Sears this weekend, I drove over there to check out the selection.  Though my trip is a number of months away, it doesn’t hurt to at least look and see what people are traveling with these days.  I’m also a visual person, so seeing what a “standard” size […]

The Obsession

I have a new obsession.  I know what you’re thinking — what was the old one?  Let’s just say it doesn’t matter anymore in the wake of this new one.  What is it?  My story/manuscript/novel that I returned to after a 6+ year absence.  I don’t know if it will ever get published, though I’m […]

Team Player

While I was on a long stay-cation between and including the holidays, I noted how many FB friends/coworkers were sick with … something.  While most of what I do at work finds me isolated in my photo studio, which helps me keep some distance from the sickies who insist on coming in and sharing with […]