2012: The Year In Review

So it’s come to this again, another year in review entry.  It seems like I just wrote one … last year about this time.  When you think back over the past year, what immediately pops out at you about what you experienced or what happened?  If you notice with my blog, I tend to stay […]

The Great Outdoors

I went for a hike again today.  This time I joined a coworker and his family for a more “extensive” tour of Aman Park.  While I have visited this park several times, I have never followed the main trail all the way around before as we did today.  We also took a side trail that […]


Back in November I started a motivational system for myself for every workout I complete as a way of preparing/training myself for my big trip next year.  As a review – each workout has to last at least 45 minutes, a workout that lasts 90 minutes counts as two.  For each workout I give myself […]

The Real Me

I attended a party last night.  It was a retirement party for the president of the company for which I work.  It was sort of a reception/cocktail party.  Since it was held in the Grand River Ballroom of Bridgewater Place, we all kind of understood that we should dress up, just a bit. I arrived […]

Lean Times

A couple of weeks ago I was looking to purchase a couple new pairs of dress pants.  In looking at what is currently in style, I noticed a new trend.  Well, maybe it’s not so new to everyone else.  I have noticed it more with suits – it’s called, Slim Fit.  I’ve actually seen some […]

Christmas: My Style

I have done a lot of things on Christmas day over the years — I went and saw a movie once, years ago (and nearly fell asleep during it), I’ve worked on home improvement projects (if you can believe that), but mostly, in the years that I’ve put up Christmas decorations, Christmas day is the […]

Christmas: Church Style

I did something tonight that I haven’t done in years, I attended a Christmas Eve service at  church.  Now, I know how that sounds, pretty bad on my part, but there’s a reason for it.  For one, the last couple of years, Christmas has been on the weekend, so most churches just celebrated Christmas on […]

Christmas: Family Style

Due to everyone’s schedule becoming just a little more complicated as the years pass, we decided to hold our big family Christmas gathering today instead of on Christmas Eve.  Lunch, family pictures and exchanging gifts all takes place at my parent’s home.                  As each of us arrives, […]

The Mixup

Well, what do you know, we survived the predicted end of the world.  Now, mind you, the Mayans didn’t say the world would end yesterday, just that their calendar would end (and then start all over).  I wish people would get it right.  It’s getting really annoying selling everything and then having to buy it […]

The Goof Off Day 2

My title for this blog entry makes it sound like a movie sequel – one of those “wacky” comedies – though, this one wouldn’t have any questionable language or crude humor.  Well, sorry, it’s neither a movie sequel or a “wacky” comedy, just musings and reporting on my life. As for today, it was a […]