By the time you read this someone may have won the PowerBall Lottery worth over $550 million.  If you win and choose to do the cash payout you still walk away with $370+ before taxes.  It’s such a mind-boggling amount of money to come into all at once, especially if you’re the single winner.  It […]

The Blur

You would think that at the end of a loooong weekend (two days off from work) I would have a blog entry that’s jam packed with adventures.  Not only that, but I would have written EVERY day of these past four days.  The fact is, they went by so fast it’s all a blur.  And, […]


Temptation is a tricky thing.  Sometimes it sneaks up on you and before you know it, you’ve given in to it.  Other times, it stares you straight in the face and dares you to deny it.  Sometimes you’re able to walk away from it, but it is with a lot of anguish over leaving it […]

A Photo Walk

When planning out my new “Training” regiment, this was exactly my goal – to get me out and walking about ladened down with all of my gear.  So, with the weather nearly as balmy today as it was yesterday and the sun making a better appearance, I decided I’d do yesterday’s walk all over again. […]

In Training

I wanted to start “training” for my next international trip.  I’ve found that I always want to be in the best shape possible especially when I’ll be carrying gear while walking or hiking, some of which will be in high altitude or in rugged terrain.  Although the trip is still a ways off, there’s no […]

Waiting To Vote

Well, if you didn’t know today is election day you’ve been living under a rock.  I don’t know what propelled me to vote more – the actual freedom to do so or simply taking the first step in getting this whole thing over with.  (I’m not a big fan of negative ad campaigns nor the countless […]