A Shopping Adventure

When I think grocery shopping what comes to mind first is necessity.  What comes next is usually something along the lines of irritation or, at best, energy draining.  That’s right, grocery shopping isn’t one of my favorite things.  I count myself lucky if I’m able to go in, whip through the aisles, grab what I […]

In Time

I don’t know which I enjoy more: making a list of things to do or crossing them off as I complete them.  Or, maybe I like making a list of projects just so I can cross off the projects and feel like I’ve accomplished something.  Maybe.  Though, I don’t pad the list with non-essentials like: […]

An Off Day Off

I was looking forward to today – a vacation day!  Seems like forever since I last had one. (Holidays don’t count.)  I also had different plans for today than the usual work on the house or yard projects.  For today I was going to be my own personal assistant and take care of the little […]

A Good Read

A few months back I made the personal goal of reading through all of the unread books in my collection.  A couple of weeks ago I finished a lengthy, though captivating, sci/fi book and was prepared to read a second book by the same author.  Well, there must have been been something holding me back […]

Portrait of a Bag Killer

When you’re on Facebook, you learn very quickly that your profile picture says a lot about you – your personality, interests, activities, etc.  Some people select a cartoon character, their pet or even their child to “represent” themselves while others are content with a happy, smiling picture of themselves.  Some people leave one picture up […]