ArtPrize – Day One

ArtPrize, ArtPrize, ArtPrize … ArtPrize – can you guess what I did today?  Well, if you guessed going to see ArtPrize entries you’d be partially right.  I had an “event” before that as, well, a prelude to that, you could say.  I first met up with cousins, siblings (and their spouses) at Bentham’s, for brunch. […]

The Drive

When redoing a room in my house, I’m always intrigued about the many paint layers on a wall and the various color choices by previous owners.  How many years went by in between layers?  How much history unfolded during that layer?  What personal history and emotions were associated with the room when it was that […]

Finding My Muse

I finished the second book of my unread books today.  To refresh your memory, it was a book on writing by Margaret Atwood.  Well, to be more specific, it was a collection of essays on the topic of writing.  Essays don’t read the same as fiction, or even nonfiction accounts.  While the writing was of […]

A Day To Forget

Some days are just … off kilter from the very beginning.  For such days you don’t necessarily want a “do-over”, you want a memory wipe so you forget about what a horrible jumble it was.  Unfortunately, I did not do a memory wipe, instead I’m recording the day in detail here on my blog for […]