Where Life Takes You

You’d think that if you were to encounter unusual events that such things would occur on a Monday or a weekend day, say Friday or at the very least on Saturday.  I mean, “unusual” screams something out of the ordinary and well, most weekdays are fairly ordinary, in and of themselves, except for Mondays on […]

Reworking the Work Room II

I returned to my organizing-the-work-room project tonight.  With the other room organized, it didn’t seem as daunting, because I could now move stuff into there – into predetermined spaces.  My work room was basically in need of having everything sorted – as in, sand paper and sanding blocks put away, cans of paint – label […]

A Dilemma

So, I’ve done it.  I’ve finished reading the first book in my collection of unread books.  It was my first reading of Asimov and, while I was right – his writing is heavy on the science – it wasn’t entirely as dry and unlikeable as I feared.  As it turns out, the book was about […]

Sweet Dreams

I woke up yesterday morning realizing that I had dreamed of eating sweets ALL night long.  We’re talking cupcakes, coffee cake and so on.  I could actually taste the sweetness of them – the frosting, the fillings … yum.  When I looked up what it meant I read that I was savoring life and enjoying […]


In coming up with content for our digital signage system at work, we’ve taken to featuring profiles of employees to help us all get to know one another better.  I was just asked today to have my profile featured on the system.  Being the “administrator” for the entire system, I wondered if it would come […]