One Man’s Trash

And just like that, the weather changes and you’re left looking at all the outside project that need to be done and wonder where to start.  Such was the thought this morning when I got up and could feel the drop in humidity, along with the occasional breeze.  Too bad I hadn’t planned ahead for […]

Taking a Moment

Today was one of those days in which I needed “a moment”.  You know, get away somewhere and process stuff that’s been happening.  A “situation” has arisen (not ready to discuss yet) which needs to be nipped in the bud before it becomes a greater conflict.  And I despise conflicts, don’t you?  So, I looked […]


I’ve often heard that life is full of saying hello and good-bye, meaning people come and go in our life.  For someone (that would be me) who takes a while to warm up to people, that’s not really something I want to hear.  Especially when some of the people I’m saying “hello” to I’d rather […]

Tales of the Unread

While clearing out some unused stuff from the various storage areas in my home I began to eye the many books in my bookcases.  I started buying (collecting) books with earnest in junior high through that book buying program that schools offer (I’ve forgotten the name).  At the time, I would purchase 3-4 books with […]

The Dry Season

You would have to be hard pressed not to notice that we’re in desperate need of rain here.  The lush green of spring time has been replaced with tan/brown stubble of summer.  Farmers have been hit hard twice this year – first with the early warmth and then frost and now drought.  We will all […]

It’s Official

Where to start?  What I have to record here does have a beginning of sorts, though it also has a backstory which is really its genesis.  Hm.  Let’s begin a couple of months ago first to set this up.  It was a Saturday and I was inside and outside working on my usual Saturday tasks, […]

The Petal Thief

Over the years I’ve added plants to the various gardens around my house.  Without really trying, whatever I’ve invested in, along with what was already here, has provided me with blooms from spring through fall.  In other words, something is always blooming.  That’s part of the fun and enjoyment of having a garden, I guess.  […]

In Pursuit Of A/C

The last few days I’ve noticed that 1) I’ve had to have the air conditioning blasting full force in my Jeep because 2) it’s just not that cool anymore.  Granted it’s been HOT outside and Jeeps are known for not being cold in the summer and warm in the winter, but I had just brought […]

A Change In the Air

With the weather significantly cooler and less humid, I was able to head out for my weekly bike ride without the fear that I’d return with heat exhaustion or dehydration.  Today’s ride, in fact, turned out to be the longest so far this year.  Well, the ride wasn’t long, I just kept stopping to take […]