B Is For Bradbury

When I started reading on my own – really reading – I latched on to fairy tales, myths and folklore.  I distinctly remember checking out these big books of fairy tales (The Red Fairy Book, The Blue Fairy book, etc).  During this time I was also reading the Wizard of Oz series and the Narnia […]


I’ve been working on redoing my website of late.  Have I mentioned this before?  If I can’t remember, how can I expect you to, right?  At any rate, one of my nephews is redesigning the whole thing and using a different source &/or platform (that’s as technical as I get and I’m not even sure […]

The Unexpected x2

I was driving home from church under an overcast sky when I noticed tiny little drops of water hitting my windshield.  Great, it was spitting a little out there and I had planned on riding the trails with my bike.  Regardless of the potential for rain, I kept going – eating something and packing up […]

I’m In

The people at ArtPrize did a little something different this year.  Instead of having the matching period between venues and us artists begin after the latter had completed registering, it started one week into our registration process.  As a result, venues waited longer this time around to secure artists as they wanted to see all […]


00:10:00 – shave 00:10:00 – wash face – it’s a process now, there are steps 00:10:00 – eat breakfast 00:15:00 – eat lunch 00:30:00 – prep and eat dinner 00:01:30 – cook instant oatmeal 00:10:00 – make and pack lunch 00:27:00 – average cook time for frozen pizza 00:06:00 – average cook time for frozen […]

The Break

To say today was a little different would be an understatement. In reality, it was a lot different. Oh, it started normal enough – morning workout, get ready for work, arrive at work and get started, only it was during my initial tasks that things went awry. I paid a visit to our HR’s office […]


So, I’ve just started the process of revamping my website. Designing it from scratch as I’m leaving behind the limited template that I’ve been using. I asked one of my nephews to help – you know, one from the generation who grew up with computers, unlike myself who only knows how to do something if […]