Painted Wood

If you know my photography work at all then you know my favorite subject matter is trees. Now, I’m not sure if my interest in trees came about because of my love of wood furniture and trim or vice versa. It was always a painful thing for me to watch a home remodeling show and […]


My sleep pattern has been off all week. My body can’t seem to get a handle on this weather. I think it’s going to be cold at night, so I bundle up. Then I sleep restlessly because I’m too hot. Thinking I finally got it right last night, I started off with fewer blankets. Sure […]

The “Little” Woman

So, according to some people, I’m married. In know, it came as a surprise to me as well. I don’t remember a wedding, though I know it can all be a blur, I don’t even remember proposing or, for that matter, even meeting this woman. She must be really little, because I never see her. […]